Why Video Games Are Bad For You

Video games are bad for your health when you engage in them excessively. Gaming has you seated down hours on end with your eyes glued to the screen. This period of inactivity is harmful to the body as you are getting little exercise done. Your body needs an active lifestyle for it to operate at its prime. The body requires that you move around to avoid your joints being stiff and your bones growing brittle. A lack of exercise can lead to you gaining excessive weight which further leads to lifestyle diseases. Being overweight leaves you vulnerable to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension.

Gamers rarely have as much time

Gamers rarely have as much time to engage with other people. If you become a habitual gamer, your social circles are going to suffer. You will not have much time to socialize with your family and friends. This robs you of social capital and the ability to mingle and make new friends. Too much gaming makes you a social misfit because you are stuck in a virtual world in little regard of the real world. Gamers lack soft skills that help people in making new friends because they are so cut off from reality. Eventually, the loneliness catches up with such individuals and takes a toll on their mental state.

Why Video Games Are Bad For You

In developing video games, some developers theme their games with high levels of violence. These violent games tend to be more popular among most young gamers. This constant exposure to feats of violence will erode at your self control and make you more aggressive. The resulting aggression that stems from video gaming slowly rubs off on you. It is a borrowed habit that grows on you without you noticing. Violent tendencies have a way of leading you into trouble with the authorities or bodily harm. Gamers that are constantly exposed to violent games have a hard time handling grievances peacefully.

Gaming can be regarded to be an addictive process that will distract you from other activities. Habitual gamers tend to be so used to gaming that they cannot go for a lengthy period of time without gaming. The first sign of the addiction is spending too much time engaged in video games. Addicts tend to spend too much time engaged in the games and when they are not on their console, they spend plenty of their attention thinking about the games. In extreme cases they start making excuses to skip on other activities to make time for video games. Shaking off this addiction is a difficult process that takes plenty of time.

You lose a lot of time stuck in a virtual world when you game, time that could have been better used doing other productive activities. Video games have this good feel about them that will keep you hooked without giving any tangible rewards. You will lose a lot of valuable time that you could have spent learning new skills or engaging in activities that make you money. Video games are time consuming and affect how productive you are in your daily activities.