Religious take on gambling

Religious take on gambling

Gambling operates in contradiction to the cornerstone of the Christian faith. To be a good Christian you must lead your life in devotion to God and put your faith in him. Reliance on God is the Christian way of showing their faith in their creator. Gambling steals the glory of God as it does not bank on his will but rather on chance. Luck is the master when it comes to gambling dictating wins and losses while separating winners from losers.

The bible being the most revered

The bible being the most revered book among Muslims encourages hard work to acquire material possessions while gambling pushes for the notion of getting something with little work done. This is in contradiction to Christian teaching that lay heavy emphasis on the need for individuals to work hard for their benefit and that of the society. Gamblers are not known to be the most productive of people since their returns are tied to luck rather than how much energy they put in.

Religious take on gambling

Christian religious faith discourages materialism among its followers advocating for a pure way of living that leads into heaven. Gambling fully supports materialism and encourages it by providing material returns to any stake placed. Gamblers in their greed keep placing riskier bets hoping to score a win. By using your greed against you, gambling leaves you as an addict since you are already hooked to the thrill of it. The Bible insists that worldly possessions are a distraction likely to lead you out of favor with God. To be a good Christian you would have to be selfless, focusing your energies on securing your afterlife in heaven rather than diving into piling up material wealth.

In Proverbs, the Bible cautions Christians against wealth gained hastily claiming such wealth will dwindle. If you look at the money made in gambling, it comes fast and leaves just as quick. It is frustrating making money and losing it in a fraction of the time as in the case of Gamblers. The Bible had foreseen a situation where people would fall in love with easy money and want to make money fast. To caution against this, the Bible tells you that any wealth created fast will leave in the same manner. This encourages Christians to take their time in creating lasting wealth that can be beneficial to their children years after they die in form of inheritance.

According to the Christianity, gambling is viewed as a second master and therefore unacceptable. Gamblers are perceived as putting God in competition with luck in the process of staking their gambles. Being a good follower of the faith requires deep devotion and a total submission that is lacking in gamblers. This is impossible for people who gamble since they have placed their fate in the hands of luck. By placing their fate in luck’s hands paints them as people who are serving two masters. This is not acceptable in Christianity as it goes against the instructions given in the 10 commandments which are regarded as the pillars of the religion.