Is the internet safe for cyber generation...?

Is the internet safe for cyber generation…?

Internet a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities through use of various networks. In today’s era it is limitless to what you can do online. Through use of internet it has made communications, and information access faster around the unlimited world. And more to note from this, internet is also a shelter to a couple of backsides like spamming, cyberbullying, malware, cyber-attacks and much more. You have to understand the risks and how to avoid them, if you want your online moments safe.

Network by itself it is not a hundred percentage secure, so kids’ safety is a major concern that a couple of groups, activists, law enforcers and other authorities trying to strengthen and educate about. In-fact almost nothing we can say that is safe in today’s times. Only few efforts have been made by some platforms and sites that really assure the safety exposure to kids.

In most cases, kids have resulted

Apart from that, there are many recommended compounds that are fully loaded with age non-restricted content. Cyberbullies preying on the innocent children on the exposure the internet has really grown and stretched way beyond our expectations. Safety that we had before today it has been fully invaded the privacy that was is now declining day to day. Everything we add in our pages, post and share is almost like it’s out in the open, more shocking cannot be removed, as the saying goes like the internet never forgets.

In most cases, kids have resulted into too much exposure to anything good or bad on the internet which is something to worry about. The harmful consequences are the most difficult to bear, many risks associated by just data leak of information to a certain platform. It’s not different from a stranger figuring out your top private data so it’s not totally safe for the kids. Kids are easily moved by technology, it’s comfortable when they use it but when it starts turning into a disaster, a blind eye can’t be shown. Through information misguiding, the consequences are heavy especially when it is given to a young and unprepared kid mind.

The kids today are getting access

Overall the internet is not safe for the kids, it’s like leaving your kids alone on the park and unguarded. Within a short period they be talking to strangers, visiting the sites that are not appropriate or even trying to copy what is being done by some adults nearby. Generally sites that are very unsafe and it’s the mandate for the parent or guardian to make sure that they are safe and not visit there.

The kids today are getting access to technology that is fast influencing and some are exceeding expectations than thought, sending them with all sort of modern devices to schools and everywhere. But keeping them safe is a huge responsibility of the new age parenting. Keeping them from visiting unwanted sites and materials. You need to understand what your kid does online before of anything else because this makes number one point for guardian to ensure that the content being viewed is purely filtered for kids’ consumption.

Is the internet safe for cyber generation...?

Most of the activities you find them engaging in are like online video gaming, connecting with other friends, research and maybe movie and songs streaming. But all this comes with its risks, you should educate them on viewer discretion content its important as they will guide them on what is appropriate for them.

You are aware that the internet has almost replaced the other forms of traditional entertainment, as the internet it entertains all children across all ages. This makes online safety top priority for parents as they need to make sure whatever the children are accessing is safe and appropriate. The devices themselves emits harmful electromagnetic waves that are in most cases high especially when connected to fast networks like 5g, 4g or even to the invisible wi-fi, they also contribute to too much fatigue due to prolong use of the devices.

They say that change is inevitable and the digital devices are here and probably to stay. And instead of being resistance with the change, you can look ways to work around the situation. This can be accomplished through easy ways like making sure that you monitor your kid’s technological devices, child screen time is limited and when on screen they should be doing something worth learning and meaningful.