Is A Sixteen Year Old A Child Or Not

Is A Sixteen Year Old A Child Or Not

Children are beautiful creatures, the smaller versions of ourselves that reminds us of the days when we are innocent. As adults even if we are not the defined parent of these kids we are graced with the responsibility of showing them the right path of life to take. On a normal ground, anyone that is regarded as a child should be under the supervision of an older member of society. This person could be the child’s parent or guardian. A child needs and also deserves a structured system to grow to become a member of the society that is useful to this said community.

The society as a whole treats

The society as a whole treats children differently from other members of the community and are mostly not deemed mature enough to be held accountable for their actions. This in a way is beneficial to members tagged children and in some cases restricts them from legally carrying out some actions like driving, smoking, getting married, and so on. In any way you look at it, like almost everything in this world, being a child has its positives and its negatives. Now a problem arises, what yard do we use to measure a self to be judged to be a child or not. According to Wikipedia, in the biological sense, children are individuals between the periods of birth and puberty. Yet, in legal terms, a child is described as a minor, in other words, someone with an age lower than the majority’s age.

Is A Sixteen Year Old A Child Or Not

In the biological reasoning of what a child is, it is not well defined, it merely gives a range and not a rigid categorization of when to call a human being a child. Human biological makeup varies with each individual, although the time of birth is something that occurs at the zero-age of every individual, the exact age when puberty occurs in a person is unknown. It might occur even before the teenage years of some individuals and some might experience it in their late teens. The biological definition also did not put into recognition some vital societal values a child must earn before they are regarded as adults in society. Not being a child is far beyond just growing physically, you similarly must be mentally equipped to face the responsibilities and newfound freedom characterized by being an adult.

On the other hand, the law definition put things to perspective as expected. For a law to be valid, it must be able to see things in black and white without anything existing in the grey area. There is usually a particular age recognized by the court that is a hallmark for adulthood. This age is indifferent to the physical or mental growth of an individual, if you attain this age you are not seen as a child by the court rather the opposite. However, this still doesn’t fully justify when exactly a person should be regarded as a child or not, but it is a definitive way by which the law uses to view its people.

An age by which the law of most countries view a person as an adult is called the “age of majority” and this is most often set at 18 years old. Still, some countries allow people that the law would be considered as minors to be considered as an adult. In these cases, the person is already carrying out responsibilities that are peculiar to adults. This type of child is emancipated into the majority group by society. Therefore, even though a 16-year-old is still a child in the eyes of the law, they could still be emancipated due to the responsibilities they head.