Ghost of Tsushima Game child based Opinion

Ghost of Tsushima Game child based Opinion

Will Ghost of Tsushima be a Suitable Game for a Child?

Ghost of Tsushima is action adventure game for PS4 console from official play station website. It is developed by sucker punch production and published by sonny interactive entertainment for play station featuring an open world. There many ways to figure out whether any game is suitable for a certain age group. You either pick a physical game box or open a trailer video for the game. It is required to have a rating by law, the rating enables you to know what range the game is suitable for, whether adults or junior.


If concerned whether a video game is suitable for your child it is advisable to first watch the rating before them and decide whether they are mentally ready for it. Having known all this it is better than letting your children watch anything that will be of no help and might bring damage to them in different means. Ghost of Tsushima being a game that involves a lot many killings. It is a story mission that focuses on a spiritual battle for the soul of Tsushima against demons and waves clearing survival mission, this is not suitable for a child because;

1. Has age rating, this game is clearly rated mature for nudity decapitation and more. It cannot not be suitable for kids since it involves a lot of violence, based on head chopping, limbs cutting and blood spraying out of people when they are killed mercilessly.2. Can cause damage, since group of kids like doing what they have seen and learnt practically. This cannot be suitable for kids to watch because they can transform all into reality and might stab each other without a notice. Cause harm in a serious manner resulting to serious damage or even death accidentally.


3. Might affect a child mentally, a child out of seeing all the violence can be mentally disturbed if not in a position to handle all this. As a parent you are most likely to see a child develop a kind of behavior change like fear and poor interaction with others. Out of fear about what might happen if associated with others.4. Causes fear, having watched all the violence involved in the game for a child without enough knowledge can be highly affected and develop a phobia fear on daily living with strangers. A mid of a child is not mature enough to understand this is not real thing but only a game.

5. May lead to early child abuse, out of the nudity and pornographic kids might think of doing what they tend to see being done on graphic video. Without enough knowledge about the act taking place whether it is beneficial or not and think could be something to toy about.6. Leads to enmity and being brutal, having based on enmity that leads to killing a kid is more likely to adopt such a habit. Their minds are still tender and learning for adopting anything that crisscross it. Violence occurs while trying to defend himself with brutality.

Ghost of Tsushima Game child based Opinion

7. Protect of innocence, the duty of a parent to make sure the child innocence is well catered for, watching ghost of Tsushima can destroy the innocence for a child tries to apply in life everything learn in different aspects, a child can become brutal and live to fight others out of film adoption. A child can live without sympathy for others. This is quite a hard task , to hinder them from watching and playing but as a parent you need to take serious precautions for their safety and better parental growth for future reference.

As a parent having known all the effects based on the game, your duty is to monitor your child what he watches or plays to avoid all this contradiction on his growth. It is a parents duty to provide the suitable games for them, caution them and warn their seniors not to involve their juniors on games supposed or rated for adults only based with their age. These games are so addictive making you become lazy without a notice, a person spends a lot of time playing them and forgets the daily chores.

For the respect between elders and juniors to be maintained ghost of Tsushima is not suitable for a child at all.