Dangers Of Casino Gambling

Casino games are usually trial and error of opportunities that offer a platform for gambling. This is so because the results do not follow a certain procedure to be achieved. They are games whose success is hard to explain as there is little input of an individual while playing. The casino has an economic disadvantage to society and hinders the growth and development of a state. Casino gaming should not be legalized because of the following negative impacts it has on people;

The abuse of the poor: gambling in most cases capitalizes on the economic situation of the poor. This usually seems like a shortcut and an easy avenue to get money. The needy in society are always desperate to get quick money and this desperation makes them be vulnerable to gambling. There would be a great loss of money which may translate to billions at the end of the financial year.

Loss of billions of dollars: gambling

Leads to addiction: casino gaming is like a drug, once you taste it you simply want more of the same that causes an addiction problem. Any form of addiction affects the wellness of an individual be it psychological or physical breakdown. This behavioral addiction poses a threat to the economy of a state as it may lead people into bankruptcy.

Loss of billions of dollars: gambling will cost states billions to sustain the people. This is because gamblers will largely depend on unemployment aid and welfares hence affecting the financial budget and plan of a state (Lancelot, 2011).

Other Federal projects may be put on hold to deal with the dangerous enemy of casino gambling. Loss of employment: casinos and their beehive of activities may cause employees to lose jobs because of absenteeism and low production at work hence workers lose jobs as employment is terminated. Almost over 35% of gamblers’ work performance is affected by ambling and quite a good number miss to avail at work. Casino gaming may lead to the occurrence of criminal activities by employees to fund gambling.

Increase in crime: legalization of casino

Family break-ups: gamblers spend most of their time at casinos neglecting the essential time needed to spend with their families. They may end up foregoing their duties of providing the basic needs of livelihoods like food and shelter. Their children might lack food and may tend to be depressed and angry, according to Lesieur and Rothschild (1989). Absenteeism of either the wife or husband due to gambling may lead to separation of the family. When this behavior is advanced from the family level to the state level, the impact will be huge and may cause disunity.

Increase in crime: legalization of casino gaming will give way to the growth of gambling gangs which may be involved in crimes. This is because these casino joints will be frequently attacked by gangsters to rob them off. For example, in Nevada, there is excessive gambling which is directly proportional to the high crime rates. If gambling activities are more, then the crimes will also be more which will result in insecurity, causing instability in the neighborhood.

Dangers Of Casino Gambling

The emergence of school dropouts: gambling among students will result in truancy and abuse of drugs. Students will start missing classes to participate in gambling and also doing drugs. This will definitely make them not finish their studies as they will be busily involved in gambling. A lot of young individuals will be aimlessly roaming in states to go to gambling dens. The rate of illiteracy may rise as students skip school to find illegal means of acquiring money for gambling.

Suicide: casino gambling should not be legalized as it has a major hand in suicides in states where it is legal like Nevada. Gamblers are affected by the trauma of losing a bet with high stakes. This forced them into the darkness of depression thereby affecting the growth of a state. Families of chronic gamblers will constantly suffer from mental problems and economic problems as their earnings usually end up in casinos, making these gamblers frequently distance themselves from their people.

States should not legalize casino gambling as it has huge damage on the governance of a state to achieve its goals of ensuring the availability of social amenities for the people. This is because most resources will be drained in casinos with expectations of winning a jackpot. Its positive impacts are still controversially comparing its negative impact on the well- being of the people. This activity may cause citizens to break some fundamental laws for them to attain their personal needs.