Addiction and Mental health issues

Addiction and Mental health issues

Too frequently are addiction and mental fitness dealt with separately as an issue on its own, meanwhile is there a link between the two issues. In most cases, when an individual uses a matter or have an addiction, they tend to have a mental problem. Which means that mental health could be a possible cause for certain/ some substance abuse? Those that encounter or have mental well-being, try to subsidize their symptoms of mental illness by using a substance, thinking it will help.

Where an individual is addicted to a substance is called addiction, it has harmful consequences. Those with this condition are so focused on using the substance, where it reaches a point that it takes full control over their life. In addition, an addiction can be grown to many things, examples are alcohol, marijuana, inhalants (like glue and paint), drugs, for instance heroin and cocaine, and tobacco.

Drugs are taken for different reasons,

A not truthful thinking often occurs in people with a substance misuse, it happens in the way they act and on their bodies function. How the brain functions, it has a harmful effect that often causes abnormal changes. The changes in the brain that takes place are that relates to certain judgements, when making decisions, one’s ability to learn, a lack in remembering (memory loss) and having problems to control their actions.

Drugs are taken for different reasons, some reasons may be is to feel good, feeling a sense of pleasure. It can be used to make them feel better in a certain way, which acts as a stress reliever. The substance/ s is use for them to perform better, an athlete is a good example of this. Where the athlete will take substances to improve their performance and win. Some drugs are being taken because of plain curiosity and peer pressure. This reason is likely to take place and happen among teenagers, but it can also occur between adults.

No matter the age, gender, income

After follows mental fitness, it is a condition that are referred to one’s emotional well-being, and behavior. A tendency to use the term mental health as a means of the absence of a mental disorder. It effects an individual’s daily lives, some physical elements, and personal relationships. Having a mental well-being can affect your ability to enjoy life, which results in an unhappiness behavior most of the time. Where individuals in addition try to prevent taking part in physical activities and want to stay indoors all the time/ the whole day.

No matter the age, gender, income or ethnicity, anyone can be at a risk and develop a mental disorder. In most cases, those with other conditions, such as a disability, are accompanied by a mental disorder. As much as anyone can be at risk of a mental health disorder, there are certain deeds that may contribute. Those are social and economic pressure, to have a low income, financial problems and belonging to a certain ethnic groups can increase your risk. Another factor is biological strands, such as genetics and family history can increase your risk. Stress, and depression are common factors for increase risks, these can lead to physical health problems, like cancer, diabetes, and chronic pain.

Addiction and Mental health issues

Common mental illness issues include anxiety, those with this problem will try to avoid the exposure to the triggers of their condition, another mental illness is moodiness, changes in moods occur.

Ways to find online help for both addiction and mental, there is a bunch of online therapies to seek help, it tends to help for these conditions. As easy as searching for websites that will help, when searching, a lot of help will be available immediately, the search results are self-explanatory. On the other hand, of addiction, a rehab facility will be most helpful than online therapy, it is more applicable to serious mental problems. There are numbers available online as well that are of help to these services or where you can contact them directly.

Addiction and mental health are issues that globally have a problem, a person struggle with these conditions daily. Some people are born with an addiction, due to their parent/ s. While others cannot help to encounter a mental because of someone or a few people in their family that has the same trouble.